Feel Alive With Living Foods

Losing weight, feeling good, and staying fit all start with eating right. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to drop all your favorite indulgences and adopt a boring, tasteless diet; far from that. We're actually here to tell you how you could add colors and flavors to your place while keeping healthy.

Have you ever heard about "Living Foods"? No, these are not foods that will come running out of your plate; they're just "alive". This means that they're fresh, raw, colorful, and packed with nutrients. Simply put, we're talking about fruits, vegetables, and salads. But everyone knows we're supposed to eat those, right? True. However, what many people don't know is that the more colorful your living food plate is, the more balanced and wholesome your diet will be, and here's why:

1. Colourful living foods are fresh, containing

no preservatives or artificial colors

2. They're full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and trace elements

3. They're rich in water, and thus, are an excellent source of hydration for the body

4. They're visually appetizing

5. There firm texture requires longer chewing, so we eat them slower and feel fuller afterward

6. They're untreated, unpackaged, and uncooked which allows the body to process them quickly and easily for a smoother digestion

7. They are safer, as they contain much less undesirable man-made chemicals

8. They are the best and healthiest source of energy

In addition to the colorful part, it's important to remember that the best nutrition is taken from raw, not cooked, living foods. Although it's always beneficial to add veggies to your omelets, stews, and soups, try to maintain a steady intake of raw living foods, keeping in mind the following:

1. Heat destroys the vitalizing nutrients and enzymes found in fresh, colorful foods which are essential for digestion

2. Heat also reduces the effectiveness of fibers found in vegetables which can lose their 'cleansing' function if overcooked

3. If you cook vegetables, always steam them lightly and aim to retain their 'crunch'

4. Cooked veggies require less chewing, so they're usually eaten more quickly, and are less fulfilling

These were some quick facts and tips on how living foods can help you lose weight naturally.

Till the next read, make a habit out of eating raw and colorful veggies!




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